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Four ways to hit the slopes this winter

Ski resorts have runs for all ability levels. (123RF)
Ski resorts have runs for all ability levels. (123RF)

Ready to hit the slopes? Here are four activities for anyone heading to the mountains this winter.

1. Downhill skiing:

Also known as alpine skiing, this is the most popular way to zip down the mountain slopes. Ski resorts have downhill ski runs for all ability levels: groomed runs of all different pitches, runs with moguls, runs where you can weave through trees, and for expert skiers, there are backcountry bowls.

2. Cross-country skiing:

Moving off the slopes and onto flat paths or rolling landscapes around the mountain, cross-country skiing can be a leisurely paced activity or a great way to work up a sweat. It involves special skis that leave you free to lift your heel and to, aided by your poles, propel yourself forward with a walk-and-glide technique.

3. Telemark skiing:

This activity combines elements of downhill and cross-country skiing, requiring participants to navigate ski runs strapped into skis similar to those used on cross-country trails. Telemark skiing further differentiates itself from other types of skiing with its special turning technique, which involves skiers dropping their knees and lifting their heels. It’s a great option for veteran skiers looking for a new challenge.

4. Snowboarding:

On a snowboard, you can tackle all the same terrain as you can on downhill skis. However, carving through the snow on a board is a wholly different, but equally exhilarating, experience.

In addition to the above, many ski hills also offer tobogganing, tubing, snowshoeing and sometimes skating. Curling up next to a roaring fire with a cup of hot cocoa is another great way to enjoy yourself.

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