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How to choose the right skates

Couple with ice skates.
Couple with ice skates. - 123RF Stock Photo

Skating is a simple and affordable way of initiating the entire family into winter sports. All that’s required for this activity is a good pair of skates. Here are a few tips for finding the right pair for you.

1. Requirements

Choose the right skates for your requirements; there are skates designed for hockey, figure skating, speed skating, and recreational skating. Also, because they are much easier to use, experts recommend boys’ skates for young girls who are not interested in figure skating.

2. Quality

Comfort should always be the main feature of the skates you choose. Above all, be sure that they’ll keep your feet warm. In addition, skates for playing hockey should be rigid in order to provide good support for the ankles.

3. Size

Are the skates the right size? Stand up when trying them on; your toes shouldn’t touch the front of the skates. If they do, they are too small. If you have to wear more than one pair of socks, they’re too big. Your heel should fit snugly against the boot when it’s laced up. In the store, take the time to try several different models and sizes in order to find the right pair. Experts recommend that children’s skates should be exactly the right size, even though their feet grow quickly and a new pair will probably be necessary next season.

Caring for skates

Dry the blades of your skates after every use and use blade protectors. Blades need to be sharpened on a regular basis, preferably after every five outings for those who skate outside, and after every 10 sessions for those who skate in arenas, where the ice is softer.

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