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LETTER: Fireworks at Deep Cove

For 26 years, Annie and Wendell White have collected donations and arranged for the Blandford fireworks at Deep Cove to be set off for all to enjoy. In the beginning, it began with a few families having their trailers pulled together for a weekend near a piece of land Annie owned, a few fireworks were set off as part of the weekend fun. Slowly, it became known of what date the fireworks were going off and a few more families came by to see the sky light up.

When the audience grew larger, a young local firefighter, Kirk Hector, took a course on fireworks to ensure safety during the event. Year after year, Annie donated loaves of bread and fixings to wrap hotdogs cooked over hardwood coals by Wendell. Fireworks at night, and at one time part of Heritage Days, became a local tradition.

Last year, the Whites and Hector decided to retire from putting on the event when Annie sold the piece of land in Deep Cove. The community thought fireworks night may be a thing of the past.

In steps Tony and Sheila Hirtle. Getting permission to use the same piece of land as before, Annie kept donations going at her business, the Deck. Tony and Sheila volunteered to take over the organization for the night, which was held on July 20.

As seamless as in past years, folks started arriving at 8 p.m. Bringing chairs from home and enjoying the sights and sounds from spots around the cove. The cove itself was full of boats as people came from near and far to watch the fireworks from the water.

Lining up for hotdogs and grabbing a bottle of water was the same. Even a cake was cut up to finish off the snacks. This event acts as sort of a homecoming, as many people seem to come home for fireworks weekend.

A warning shot of lights was fired as people scurried to the best angle to see the show. Lights went out around the hotdog pit. Nick co-ordinated the two boats anchored in the cove, One after another, the fireworks lit up the summer sky with starbursts, zingers, whistlers, waterfalls and a dozen other varieties of fireworks. On and on the show went for 25 minutes. Blandford’s fireworks are one of the best (if not the best) around.

Thank you first to Annie White and her crew that gave us the first 26 years. Thank you to Tony, Sheila and Nick for continuing the fireworks at Deep Cove.

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