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Walk for a Cause annual fundraiser Sept. 14

With a 1950s, 1960s era theme, there was bound to be a few hippies show up for Walk for the Cause at the Barrington Regional Curling Club last year.
With a 1950s, 1960s era theme, there was bound to be a few hippies show up for Walk for the Cause at the Barrington Regional Curling Club last year. - Kathy Johnson


The two grandmothers who were the inspiration for Row for Nannie’s Cure will be honoured, remembered and celebrated at the 13th annual Walk for a Cause fundraiser in support of the Rosalin Nickerson CARE Fund.
The event takes place on Sept 14 at the Barrington Regional Curling Club.
Everlasting love because of a grandmother’s love is the theme for this year’s event in honour of the late Melvina Nickerson and Joyce Swim. For 10 years, Row for Nannie’s Cure was an annual event at the Cape Sable Island Causeway, raising in excess of $100,000 for the Rosalin Nickerson CARE Fund, which supports cancer patients in the Municipality of Barrington and Town of Clark’s Harbour. 
Music, a guest cancer survivor speaker, a survivor’s walk, and rose laying and bubble release ceremonies in memory of those who have passed and in honour of those who have survived are among the events held during Walk for a Cause. A Dutch auction, bid auction, hospitality room and face painting will also take place.
“We will be honoring the survivors, remembering those who have passed and try to encourage those who are battling,” said Rosalin Nickerson CARE Fund founder and organizer Shelley d’Eon. 
This year’s survivor speaker is Buddy Jones. 
The event will have more of a Christian music base than other years because the two grandmothers were devoted Christians, said d’Eon, with performances by the Woods Harbour Worship Team, Pastor Phil Williams and Kylee Smith.
The doors open at noon and the event starts promptly at 1 p.m. 
D’Eon noted cancer survivors from anywhere can register to be part of the event. 
“Just let us know you are coming,” she said.
The Dutch auction has more than 125 different lots including a trip to Toronto, and several handcrafted benches. 
“I think we’ve got a good auction this year,” said d’Eon, adding the Dutch auction will also be open in the evening of Sept. 13 from 6 to 7:30 and then will continue during the actual event.
The bid auction, featuring handcrafted carvings, will start on Facebook and finish at the walk.
To date, the Rosalin Nickerson CARE Fund has helped 364 cancer patients in the community financially, giving out an estimated $600,000. D’Eon estimates more that one million has been raised for the fund, which she is hoping to be able to sustain for many years through continued fundraising efforts and financial strategy. 
“We can send $55,000 to $70,000 a year to patients so it wouldn’t take long to deplete it,” she said.
D’Eon, who started the Rosalin Nickerson CARE Fund in 2004 in memory of her mother, said sometimes she wonders if the fund is making a difference and then something happens like a chance meeting at a recent farmers market with a lady whose father had received help from the fund. 
“She told me if it hadn’t been for the donation to the patient, his wife wouldn’t have been able to go to the hospital to visit because they didn’t have the money and she hugged me and thanked me. I hear these stories often and it’s sad that there isn’t something set up in the medical system to cover” those types of expenses, said d’Eon. “When you hear the stories or someone hugs you or they cry, you know it was a huge difference to them.”
D’Eon said if anyone wants to help by making sandwiches or sweets for the hospitality room at Walk for a Cause, or has auction items to donate, to please let her know as soon as possible. She can be contacted at 902- 635-1624.

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