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Lenore Zann chosen as Liberal candidate for Cumberland-Colchester


Loud cheers erupted when Lenore Zann was announced as the Liberal candidate for Cumberland-Colchester.

Zann, who ran against Joel Henderson and Jim Hardiman for the position, was declared the winner following a vote at the nomination meeting on Saturday.

“I will do the very best I can to make you proud of me,” she told the crowd after the result was announced.

She thanked everyone involved in the campaigns.

“We’re going to need you to defeat the Conservatives in this next election,” she said. “Don’t go away. We all have the same goals here; respect for one another, respect for Mother Earth, and we’re going to need you very much to be part of the campaign to take on the entire region.”

She pointed out that there would be three right wing candidates running in the federal election – representing the Conservative Party of Canada, the People’s Party of Canada and the National Citizens Alliance

“As somebody who cares deeply about democracy, about equality, and about social justice and the environment we need to make sure that we keep those people at bay and that they do not take over and take root here with our young people, spreading seeds of hatred and discontent,” she said. “And we need to reach out to the older folks as well and make sure they realize we’re all in this together.”

She said she was overwhelmed by the number of people who volunteered in her campaign, most of whom had never been involved in politics before. She also thanked Bill Casey for representing the riding in Parliament for 30 years.

“I will do my very, very best to come up to the standard of Bill Casey,” she said.

Casey said he has great appreciation for the work Joel Henderson did with him and he admires Jim Hardiman, who he got to know during the campaign.

“I hope everybody will come together and help Lenore,” he said. “I will.”

Hardiman remained to listen to Zann’s acceptance speech but Henderson had already left.

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