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Region of Queens Municipality to vote on communication tower later this month

Council for the Region of Queens Municipality will decide at its February 12 meeting if it will enter into a development agreement to allow for the erection of a new cellular telecommunication tower on property located off Meadow Pond Lane in Liverpool.

Residents jammed into council chambers during a public hearing held January 22 to hear arguments surrounding the Eastlink application. One of those making a presentation during the session was Liverpool resident, Peter Ripple who says the meeting was well attended.

“That probably was due to the fact that Doug Millar and I distributed notices to the people of Crowell, Barss and Ellenwood streets, as well as Meadow Pond Lane,” Ripple said after the hearing. “These people live within the range where they would be affected physically by the tower or have a clear view of it from nearby.”

The gallery was full, with many people standing because the chairs were taken, Ripple said, adding that the RCMP were also present.

“Apparently there was concern that since so many were passionately opposed to the tower, that there might be a problem,” he added. “But there was no need for concern as the meeting was orderly, and lasted about an hour.”

Eastlink sent no representative, Ripple noted.

Some people gave oral presentations and left notes with the council to review. He explained that two people spoke who have been diagnosed with sensitivity to RF radiation and two others gave more formal presentations.

“Present also was two owners of Kent Field Estates, and their lawyer who also spoke. They are presently building a multi-million dollar apartment complex of high end apartments,” Ripple explained. “Two buildings are up and will be completed this spring, and there are plans for more in 2019.”

Their land is adjacent to the lands were the tower would be located at the end of Meadow Pond Lane.

“They are concerned about the tower’s effect on property values, possible effects from radiation on tenants, and rentability of their apartments, and the ugliness factor of a big tower so close by,” Ripple said. “Terry Whynot of Kent Fields probably made the most important statement of all in two sentences. To the council he said, ‘do you want housing, or do you want a tower? If you want a tower we are through building on Cobb’s Ridge.’”

It is well known in Liverpool right now there is a shortage of houses and apartments for rent in Liverpool, Ripple said. Kent Fields has also bought and rebuilt the Quarterdeck in Summervile, and replaced some cottages with luxury suites and has plans to build 12 more units at the Quarterdeck site. They are heavily invested in Queens County and have plans to invest more.

Region of Queens Mayor David Dagley said in a written statement following the public hearing, a number of attendees in the public gallery presented oral and written comments at that meeting, in addition to written comments which were received by the Region of Queens previously on this issue.

“Councillors have listened to the oral comments, as well as received copies of all correspondence which has been sent to the Region of Queens regarding this application,” he said. “Council will subsequently deliberate on this application at our February 12, 2019 council meeting.”

He added, “All members of Council are expected to remain impartial on this issue until the vote occurs, with that vote being based upon each individual Councillor’s position.”

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