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New leadership aims to revitalize Queens Manor

Following a comprehensive leadership review with an expert in long-term care, the board of directors of Queens Manor, a 61-bed long-term care facility in Liverpool, has taken action. Step one was to cement the Manor’s leadership by turning the executive director role from half-time to full-time. “The challenges in long-term care are significant, and the board unanimously agreed that a full-time leader was required to drive change and focus the efforts of the management team,” says board chair Henry Liot. “We are very pleased that Sandi Humphrey has agreed to take on this significant leadership role on a full-time basis. Sandi’s many years of leadership experience is precisely what we need to see our vision for the Manor become a reality.”

Humphrey has already concluded a search for a new director of resident care for the Manor, and is pleased to announce that Sarah Bridge, BA, RN, will be joining the leadership team. “Sarah brings almost 20 years of experience in similar roles to Queens Manor, most recently as director of resident care at The Meadows Adult Residential Centre in Bridgetown, N.S.,” notes Humphrey. Sarah Bridge will join the management team under Humphrey’s leadership that includes Jill Cole, director of recreation; Lisa Hamlin, director of support services and Kellie Tufts, director of finance.

Liot also announced on Wednesday, July 18, the Queens Manor Board of Directors has assumed responsibility for advocacy from the Queens Care Society, after determining it needs to chart its own path forward for a new or rebuilt Queens Manor. Chris Clarke has been tasked with leading this important initiative and is now heading a board sub-committee to drive this effort.

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