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Fifth annual Lobster Dip at North East Point supports missionary family

Only 10 people brave enough to take the plunge this year

Though the dippers were few and far between at the fifth annual Lobster Dip on the North East Point waterfront on Nov. 24, there were some newcomers who say they’ll be doing it again next year and will be bringing family with them.

Only 10 people were brave enough to take the plunge into the Atlantic this year, which registered three degrees near shore.

“Eight went full-fledged and two went as far as their knees,” said organizer Sherry LeeAnn Nickerson, who started the event as a way to raise money to support charitable causes.

For two years, the Lobster Dip supported the BMHS students participating in the Me to We program.

Camp Jordan was the benefactor another year.

“Every year we choose a different cause,” noted Nickerson.

The money raised at this year’s dip, which totalled just over $200, will go toward missionary Ethan Parker, who is originally from Pubnico.

Along with his wife Eva and son Thomas, the family work and volunteer at the Mount Trabar Bible Camp in Middle Musquodoboit.

Nickerson is the only person who has taken the dip every year since the event was started.

“It refreshes and renews me and gets me braced for the new year,” she said.

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