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RECYCLED LOVE: Enjoy shows on stormy days

Curling up on the couch to watch animal-themed shows is a great way to spend a winter day.
Curling up on the couch to watch animal-themed shows is a great way to spend a winter day. - 123RF Stock Photo

I will read anything you put in front of me regarding dog behaviour or training. There are a pile of books on my bedside table and in the living room. I watch movies and television shows that concentrate on dogs. Some of the shows are for entertainment, but many are documentaries or educational.

Now that winter is here, my favourite pastime is to curl up on the couch with my pets and watch something. My pets do not care what’s on the big screen as long as they get a piece of my blanket.

I thought I would recommend a few shows you may want to watch on stormy days this winter. I have put them in alphabetical order and I do hope you enjoy a few of them. I am not rating them, nor will I confess which ones are my favourites. Some are Hollywood movies, television shows or series and a few are documentaries. I have listed the title first with a brief explanation. I hope they help you pass some time during the winter months.

Dogs — This Netflix series highlights our relationships with dogs and how they enrich our lives.

DogTown — This is a National Geographic series about an animal rescue organization in Salt Lake City, Utah, called Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Dogs with Jobs — This series is about dogs and their devotion to assisting us.

The Dog Lover — This is an undercover movie about a breeding facility investigation.

Dog by Dog — This follows the money and politicians who turn a blind eye to puppy mills.

Dogs on the Inside — Inmates foster dogs for a rescue organization until the dogs are adoptable.

The Champions — This follows the dogs saved from NFL player Michael Vick’s dogfighting ring.

Best in Show — This is a funny satire about people who enter their pets in dog show competitions.

Marley & Me — This movie is about a family’s adventure with their unruly pet dog.

Martin Clunes: A Man and His Dogs — This lovingly explores the relationship we have with dogs.

Prison Dogs — Convicts in New York raise and train dogs in prison to become service dogs for injured United States veterans.

The Secret Life of Pets — This is a hilarious animated movie about silly house pets.

The Truth About Cats & Dogs — Noelle (Uma Thurman) and Abby (Janeane Garofalo) are unlikely friends. Abby is a veterinarian with a radio call-in show.

Turner & Hooch — Tom Hanks plays an uptight police officer who unexpectedly ends up with a large, untrained dog.

I have many other movies, but I don’t want to swamp anyone with my obsession. If you have any favourite movies or series you would like to recommend, please feel free to email me. I am constantly looking for something new to watch, especially during the cold winter months.

Please be kind to animals.

Tracy Jessiman is a pet portrait artist who lives in Halifax with her husband and their three pets. She is a volunteer with Animal Rescue Coalitions of Nova Scotia. She has been rescuing animals most of her life, but more intimately, animals rescued her.

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