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Advice for setting up a wine cellar

Are you a wine lover? Do you want to create a space in which to store your favourite bottles?

Before getting started, you should know that many elements must be considered in order to preserve your best vintages. Here are five recommendations for setting up the perfect wine cellar.

1. Maintain an optimal temperature

Your wine cellar shouldn’t be too cold or too hot. Ideally, the temperature should be kept between 11 and 14 °C. Otherwise, your wine runs the risk of premature aging.

2. Manage humidity levels

The ideal humidity level for a wine cellar is usually between 60 and 80 per cent. If it’s too high, the corks could get mouldy; too low, and the wine’s quality could be affected.

3. Avoid strong lighting

Since wine is very sensitive to light, it’s best to store it in a dark place. Choose a low-intensity light source for when you need to see what you’re doing.

4. Opt for individual compartments

To avoid having to move your bottles around too frequently, store them horizontally in individual compartments. Wine doesn’t respond well to being moved around, so storing each bottle in its own compartment is the best way to preserve its flavour.

5. Keep strong smells away

Remember that wine breathes. Avoid storing or using strong-smelling products in your cellar, because the smells could eventually get through the cork and alter the taste of the wine.

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