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Get to know your Facebook options

There are several ways to prioritize the posts you see on Facebook.
There are several ways to prioritize the posts you see on Facebook. - 123RF Stock Photo

Melissa Reeves | The Social Connection

With all the changes to Facebook, are you wondering if you’re missing out on posts from your family, friends and favourite businesses? You can make sure you never miss a post by editing your news feed to ensure their posts show up first. Here are the steps:

  1. On your Facebook homepage, click on the “News Feed” option in the left-hand corner below your profile name.
  2. Click on “edit preferences.”
  3. Click on “prioritize who to see first.”

A list of all your friends, family and business pages you have liked or friended will show up. Scroll through the list and click on the profiles you wish to see first. When you click on a profile, a star will appear in the corner of the profile and under the photo, the words “see first” will appear. Then you know you will see their posts first in your news feed (a.k.a. homepage).

You will still see the posts from the other people on your list, but the posts will show up below the first ones. The people on your list can’t see your preferences. When you are finished, click on “done.”

You will still see a list of options for your news feed, such as:

Unfollow people to hide their posts

Click on this option if you want to remain friends with someone but don’t want their posts to show up in your news feed. (We all have that one friend who posts too much.)

Reconnect with people you unfollowed

Click on this if you have unfollowed a friend and you want to see their posts again.

Discover pages that match your interests

If you find your news feed is getting boring, click on this option to find new pages that share your interests. This is a great way to stay connected with local businesses, events and groups.

See more options

This will bring up apps you have hidden from your news feed. You may have a friend who is always posting about playing a certain game and you don’t want to see it anymore. When you see a post, select the three buttons icon in the upper-right corner and click on the “hide all” option for that app.

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