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Bridgewater’s own Wonder Woman Bridgett Morgan pushes training limits

Morgan contributing to gym’s community atmosphere

One by one, members of JustReal Fitness trickle into the gym to stretch and chat before their first annual plank challenge.

It is Dec. 30 and the 10 participants — all women — exchange holiday pleasantries.

However, once gym owner and personal trainer Samantha Green starts the timer, the gym-goers are all business.

Black and blue coloured yoga mats cover the floor and as the timer climbs, Green’s encouragements double in both volume and frequency.

But Bridgett Morgan, 63, is in her own world.

Dressed in Wonder Woman’s iconic blue and red costume — complete with a sparkling coronet — Morgan hardly looks up as she fights rapidly fatiguing muscles.

The timer climbs and climbs and participants bow out to congratulations and laughter.

Morgan’s plank clocked in at just over five minutes.

And, said Green, it is this spirit of fun and hard work which has allowed Morgan to lose 53 pounds over the last two years.

“Her attitude is one of the biggest drivers of her progress,” said Green.

“She has blown my mind with her progress.”

Morgan joined JustReal Fitness two years ago to help her lose weight for a medical procedure.

With Green’s help, Morgan battled two arthritic knees and bursitis in her shoulders to reach her goal. They have been working together ever since.

And now, she is reaping the benefits of her dedication.

“I feel like I’m 25, all because of Sam. I just feel great,” said Morgan. “I’m doing all right for an old gal.”

Given that Morgan hits the gym five times a week through a mix of classes and personal training sessions, she may be underselling herself.

In fact, this past summer Morgan completed 21 race events and is eager for the next challenge.

“You can set goals and you can reach them. Just keep going until you do,” she said.

But Morgan’s dedication to fitness is only matched by her positive attitude.

“She always gives everybody a smile. And she loves pranking people,” said Green.

This is best exemplified by Morgan’s Wonder Woman costume, which she sported throughout the plank competition but has also worn to personal training sessions.

When asked about the superhero costume, Morgan burst out laughing.

“People have wondered about me for years ... I just put it on for fun,” she said.

However, Green stressed it is things like Morgan’s costume that help make the gym a fun, community-driven space.

“It’s so great to have that type of people come to my gym,” said Green.

And Morgan’s message to others looking for inspiration is simple and straightforward: work for it.

“Keep challenging yourself. Push your limits,” she said. “You just have to keep building and getting stronger.”

And even though she sometimes wears a costume, there’s little doubt that Green and the other gym-goers would treat Morgan like a superhero even if she forgot the getup.

“Her progress is just undeniable,” said Green.

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