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Four gift ideas for the cook on your list

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- Contributed

Friends and family members who love to cook are a blessing. Not only do they spoil us with their culinary creations but they’re also exceedingly easy to buy for. Here are four great gifts that are sure to please the cook on your Christmas list.

1. A gourmet food basket

Give them a food basket assembled especially for them, with their favourite cheese, spices, oils, wine — you name it. Alternatively, you might put together a basket of local or artisanal products or even one that plays upon a unique theme; say, orange food products, if this is their favourite colour, or Italian foods if they happen to have a trip to Rome coming up.

2. A personalized kitchen accessory

Enlist a local shop or craftsperson to add a personal touch to the kitchen item you’re giving. It could be a thoughtful phrase, a funny remark or simply the person’s name. You can personalize a wide range of items, including aprons, oven mitts, cutting boards and serving trays.

3. A specialized cooking course

Have you spotted a penchant for cake making, sushi rolling or Moroccan cuisine in your favourite foodie? Enrol them in a specialty course so that they can cultivate their passion into an art form.

4. Assorted spices

If the cook on your list has an adventurous streak, get them an assortment of rare spices to stimulate their creativity — and their taste buds! If you’re travelling abroad before the holiday season, consider picking up some out-of-town flavours along the way.

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