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Teach kids about Remembrance Day

Wondering how to share the importance of Remembrance Day with your kids?

Here are a few ways to teach your children about the wars that shaped our history and the reasons why we pay tribute to the men and women who took part in them.

Participate in Remembrance Day activities

Attend a Remembrance Day ceremony with your children so they can emotionally connect with the history we commemorate on this day. You can also involve them in the other traditions of the holiday like wearing poppies and having two minutes of silence.

Read to them

There are a number of books that teach children what Remembrance Day means for Canadians. Picture books are available for younger children, whereas chapter books can be enjoyed by those who are older.

Here are a few suggestions:

What Is Peace?

By Wallace Edwards

(for pre-schoolers)

A Poppy Is to Remember

By Heather Patterson and Ron Lightburn

(for Grade 1 and up)

Charlie Wilcox

by Sharon E. McKay

(for Grade 4 to 6)

Write and draw

Encourage your children to draw a picture or write a poem, story or essay on the topic of remembrance. They could also participate in the Royal Canadian Legion’s Annual Literary and Poster Contest, which is open to all Canadian school children from Grades 1 to 12. Consult the Royal Canadian Legion website ( for more details.

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