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Four good reasons to get married during the winter

Winter weddings are both romantic and budget-friendly.
Winter weddings are both romantic and budget-friendly. - Contributed

The idea of getting married during the winter might sound rather bold, if not outright grim. But winter weddings actually have quite a few upsides. Here are just a few.

1. Lower costs

Getting married in the wintertime will save you money. How? For one, you’ll be purchasing your attire at a slow time of the year for merchants. What’s more, florists, decorators and caterers may be more willing to negotiate.

2. Scheduling flexibility

It’ll be a lot easier to secure reservations for your big day, since churches, reception halls, caterers and entertainers are all usually less busy during the winter.

3. Seasonal magic

Get inspired by the magic of winter to add a special touch to your wedding. Turn heads by making a grand entrance on a horse-drawn sleigh and have your photographer capture the wedding party under sparkling, frosted trees.

4. Cozy memories

Treat your guests to the cosiest of weddings by serving them hot beverages by the fire or giving them warm blankets as a gift.

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