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CVFD honours Chester residents for outstanding acts of bravery

Chief Everett Hiltz, Nathan Horne, Roy Parsons and Deputy Chief William Zink Jr.
Chief Everett Hiltz, Nathan Horne, Roy Parsons and Deputy Chief William Zink Jr. - Contributed

The Chester Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) recognized three area residents at its March meeting for their actions at two different structure fires in the summer of 2018.

Jon Dimick, Nathan Horne and Roy Parsons were the inaugural recipients of the CVFD Golden Heart Award, newly created to recognize acts of outstanding bravery by members of the general public that save human life and property. Horne and Parsons were on hand to receive their awards; Dimick will receive his award at a later date.

“Jon, Nathan, and Roy showed true courage and deep concern for their neighbours and this community,” said Chief Everett Hiltz of the CVFD. “Sadly we live in a time when too many people are more inclined to take pictures than take action. Even calling 911, which seems simple, is hugely important. ”

Dimick noticed a fire at a house on Victoria Street in Chester while driving home. Using his car horn, he woke the occupants, allowing them to escape safely, left to call 911 initiating the CVFD response, and returned to the scene to alert neighbouring homeowners. Dimick took the occupants of the house in for the night.

When a fire broke out in their neighbour’s kitchen on Mackerel Run in East Chester, Mr. Horne and Mr. Parson determined their neighbour was not in her house, called 911 initiating the CVFD response, and limited the fire’s growth using a garden hose, while remaining safely outside the house, until the CVFD arrived and extinguished the fire.

“Neighbours helping neighbours is what builds and maintains strong communities, and it is what inspires volunteer fire departments, like the CVFD. Jon, Nathan, and Roy are exemplars of this spirit and ethos. And the members of the CVFD are pleased and proud to acknowledge them,” said Chief Hiltz.

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