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South Shore businesses still looking to hire for summer season

With the summer tourist season in full swing, tourism operators along the South Shore are still looking to fill jobs at the many resorts, hotels, inns, eateries and other venues in the region.

In a survey conducted by the South Shore Tourism Co-operative in early June of their partners, 49 per cent of the 40 respondents from across the region representing various sectors said they have vacancies with some 40 jobs they’d like to fill.

The greatest need appears to be in food and beverage operations. “There’s a real demand for cooks, line-cooks and servers both on a full-time, seasonal and year-round basis,” said Donna Hatt, chair of the South Shore Tourism Co-operative. “Many also cited a need for clerks in retail and interpreters, at front desks along with housekeepers and maintenance folks.”

The survey confirmed that the challenges experienced last summer in finding employees continues to plague the region this year. While tourism on a year-round basis is growing in the region, the industry is compromised in meeting demands as they can’t find enough people to hire, says the South Shore Tourism Co-operative.

Angela Steeves, general manager at Oak Island Resort, says, “Like several other businesses, we have been working to build demand so we could create more jobs and enhance the success of our business and our community.”

Feedback from the survey suggests there’s a lack of local applicants which is compounded by a lack of seasonal housing for those wanting to come into the area to work. A few respondents also said transportation challenges contribute to the issue.

With a goal to continue fostering tourism revenue growth and generate more jobs within the region, the South Shore Tourism Co-operative will be addressing the issue and seeking solutions as the year progresses with plans to reach out to the Nova Scotia Community College, Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia, municipalities, MLAs and MPs and school boards.

In the meantime, the South Shore Tourism Co-operative suggests that if you know of someone looking for full-time, part-time, seasonal and year-round work, the region is still hiring. Check out career websites like Indeed or for more information.

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