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Crabapple Creek celebrates five years

Crabapple Creek shop owner Melissa Eisnor (right) and customer Peggy Ernst take a moment to catch up at Crabapple Creek in Parkdale.
Crabapple Creek shop owner Melissa Eisnor (right) and customer Peggy Ernst take a moment to catch up at Crabapple Creek in Parkdale. - Lisa J. Ernst

Melissa Eisnor admits that she can always find an occasion to host a special event at Crabapple Creek. On July 13 and 14, she has a special reason to celebrate. It’s the fifth anniversary of her charming country shop, located on the Old Barss Corner Road in Parkdale, Lunenburg County.

It has been a creative journey for Eisnor, as she followed her interests and found new opportunities in the midst of career transitions. Over the years, Eisnor discovered that she had a natural talent for design and colour. She previously worked at the former Apple Berry Farm Market in Bridgewater, where she enjoyed serving the customers and building displays for the gift shop. During her time at Apple Berry, they won a North American award for displaying.

Several years ago, Eisnor began having weekend Avon parties. They started in her living room, moved to the sunporch and then to the basement next door. As the need for more space became apparent, Eisnor’s partner and construction contractor, Stephen O’Leary, suggested that they fix up an old storage barn on their property. With some renovations, recycling and a respect for the past, the barn was transformed into a shop. About the same time, “a dear friend” approached Eisnor to see if she might be interested in some antiques that she had sitting in her shed.

When Eisnor was debating names for her shop, she had considered calling it The Henhouse. Then one day, she was walking beside their creek, listening to the water, which led to the name Crabapple Creek.

Crabapple Creek is a quaint shop with a warm and friendly ambience. Eisnor’s goal is to provide an inviting space for customers to relax and enjoy their shopping experience. She fondly describes it as “a happy place.”

Some of the many homemade and unique items sold at Crabapple Creek. - Lisa J. Ernst
Some of the many homemade and unique items sold at Crabapple Creek. - Lisa J. Ernst

Peggy Ernst, a satisfied repeat customer, agrees that “it’s a peaceful, calming place.” It’s the kind of shop where you want to take your time to browse and appreciate, visit with family and friends, savour a tea and maybe a slice of cheesecake. It’s a place to enjoy face-to-face conversation — a pleasant alternative to Facebook.

Crabapple Creek offers something unique for everyone, with new displays and products added weekly. Summer hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. They have antiques, clothing, jewelry, dishware, decorations and much more. They distribute Avon, Watkins and Epicure products. Eisnor is also pleased to provide a local venue for individuals to showcase their homemade creations such as crafts, preserves and baked goods.

Tina Durling began working at Crabapple Creek in February. Eisnor is already pleased with Durling’s display skills. They have even created some fun flower arrangements outside the shop this past spring.

Eisnor is always coming up with novel ideas for events. They’ve had themed parties for Halloween, Christmas, birthdays and even nail painting. On June 22, they held their first ever Epicure Tea Party. Everyone was invited to wear their fancy hats and dresses, enjoy tea and party fare, sample products and take home their teacup.

“I look forward to Fridays,” Eisnor admits. She likes meeting people and providing customer service that meets and exceeds her customers’ expectations. “I love that! I love people,” she adds with a smile. Her enthusiasm and commitment are evident in the hospitality that she extends and all the special little touches throughout the shop.

When asked about the future, Eisnor says that she wants to “keep growing.” She has considered expanding the shop and creating “a spot by the brook” for customers to sit and relax in nature. She has started an online Facebook presence, with event postings and photos. For more information on Crabapple Creek, email Eisnor at

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