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Norm Amirault
Norm Amirault - Submitted

Amirault will focus on creating opportunities for a healthier lifestyle in new role with Region of Queens

By Norm Amirault
As many of you know, I have been recycled by the Region of Queens Municipality after a brief retirement, and in November assumed the role of physical activity coordinator left vacant by Diana Johnson, who did wonderful work during her time with the region.
I am very happy to be back, and anxious to work with the community to create opportunities for us all to lead a healthier lifestyle and encourage behavioural change and talk about the people, programs, and places to go, including the extraordinary community of Greenfield.
Nestled in the heart of Queens County on the banks of the Medway River, Greenfield is a community of about 900 that has always come together to achieve remarkable things, including the Greenfield Recreation Centre, which was  community-built and has been maintained and operated by volunteers since 1986. Equipment was graciously donated to complete the fitness centre in 2001, and residents of the community and surrounding area now have a state-of-the-art fitness centre that is the envy of many small and large communities in the province.
Therein you can engage in a variety of activities with strength training machines, free weights, and cardio machines such as ellipticals, and the yearly membership is also the envy of many communities! Fees for a family are $280 per year, adults $140, seniors (60 and over) is $75, and students just $30, and each member is issued an entry key for $10 to use the centre at their convenience. As the fees are modest, members are expected to take a personal interest in caring for the facility by following the published rules for the building.
In addition to the fitness centre, the gymnasium upstairs has a offers a variety of programs. Their winter schedule this year includes Yin Yang Yoga, Tabata Fun, pickleball, volleyball, gymnastics for children, and hosts gym classes for the Greenfield Elementary School. Community volunteers also organize a running club as well as a youth group, so there truly is something for everyone.
The Greenfield Recreation Association “is dedicated to improving the health and well being of all ages. We are committed to providing facilities, programs and equipment that will be safe and functional for our members,” and their dedicated volunteer service has not gone unnoticed. They were the recipients of the prestigious Bluenose Achievement Award of the Recreation Association of NS in 1998, as well as a volunteer achievement award from the then Municipality of Queens.   

Many years have passed, more equipment has been purchased and donated, and still the residents of Greenfield and surrounding areas benefit from this incredible facility and the dedicated work of the volunteers with the Greenfield Recreation Association.
District 6 Coun.  Raymond Fiske acknowledges the work of the association, stating, “This  facility,  located in Greenfield, is the core of surrounding communities, and without volunteers would not exist. The recreation association is always looking for younger volunteers  to assist with fundraisers and the day to day operation, and I would like to take this opportunity to praise them for many years of dedicated service.”
The Region of Queens Municipality would like to thank the current and past members of the Greenfield Recreation Association for their contributions to the community and health of your residents, and if you would like to find out more information about their programs call the Greenfield Recreation Centre at 902-685-2370 or via email -

Until next time, live well and stay well.

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