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The Colps of Western Head


The Colp family of Western Head can be traced back to Peter Colp. He was born February 19, 1800, in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. As a young man, he moved to Western Head, Queens County, with his wife, Elizabeth (Himmelman) Colp.

Peter and Elizabeth Colp had 3 children:

Peter Colp (1800-1895) Photo courtesy of Betty Richardson

1) Mary Ann Elizabeth Colp was born in 1829 and died in her 80s. She moved to East LaHave, Lunenburg County. She married Joseph Isaac Corkum and later, married James “Isaac” Lohnes.

2) John Edward Colp (1831-1849)

3) Jacob “Michael” Colp (1833-1911)


Peter Colp's daughter, Sophia Colp (1846-1870) Photo courtesy of Betty RIchardson

Peter Colp’s wife, Elizabeth, died in 1834 at the age of 36. The next year, he married Mary Ann Feener (1812-1890) of Gull Island.


Peter and Mary Ann had a large family:

Ann Maria Colp (1835-1900) married William Frelick of Western Head

John Colp (1837-1918)

Eliza Jane Colp (1840-1920) married Capt. John Scobey

Eleanor Colp (1842-1913)

William Colp (1844-1902)

Sophia Colp (1846-1870)

James Colp (1849-1865)

Abigail Colp (1852-1853)

Alexander Colp (1854-1919)

Peter Colp's family plot in Grace Anglican Cemetery in the 1920s. Photo from the late Muriel Richardson

Like most of the men in Western Head, Peter Colp was a fisherman and a farmer. He was a hard-working man and a leader in the community. He and his family were also very involved in the happenings at nearby Grace Anglican Church. When his first wife, Elizabeth, had died in 1834, she was buried on his own property. In 1835, he donated that land to Grace Anglican Church so it could be used as a burial ground for “the departed souls of Western Head”. It was first known as the Western Head burial ground and later, as Grace Anglican Cemetery. It is still used for burials.

Peter Colp’s house was located on Sand Beach Road in Western Head. He lived there for more than 60 years. After his death, his son, Alexander, occupied the home. Alexander’s daughter, Bertha Colp, was the last of the family to live in Peter Colp’s house. In the 1940s, a Tarr family rented the house and during that time, it was totally destroyed by fire.

Peter Colp died May 2, 1895, at the age of 95. His funeral was held at his home and also at Grace Anglican Church. He was buried at Grace Anglican Cemetery, on the property that he had donated 60 years before. His obituary said, “He was a most respected resident of Western Head”.

Peter Colp, who first arrived in Western Head, Queens County circa 1830, has not been forgotten. Over 120 years after his death, his name is still mentioned by the older folks in the area.

Even though we no longer see the Colp name in Western Head, Peter Colp still has many descendants living in Queens County and beyond.

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