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Queens County vegan looking forward to a meatless holiday feast

A meatless holiday feast

My favourite holiday is around the corner.

As the leaves begin to change and nighttime temperatures dip below 10 degrees, I begin to look forward to Thanksgiving. I love autumn, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying tasty food. And that’s what Thanksgiving is, in my experience.

But wait a second - what about turkey and gravy? What about stuffing and dressing? As you may have already guessed, today’s column will look at ideas for plant-based holiday meals and sides.

Pass the turkey
One meat-free holiday option is a roast. Tofurky is the only brand I’ve seen around here that makes meatless roasts. One option is simply the roast and the other comes with stuffing and gravy as well.  

Maybe this idea does not appeal to you whatsoever, or maybe your grocery store doesn’t carry Tofurky roasts. Either way, that’s fine because there are other options.

I’ll admit I’m not a fan of these roasts, so one year I took it upon myself to look into nut loaf. There are hundreds of nut loaf recipes online, which can be overwhelming, so I’ll provide two here.

Here’s a recipe for lentil walnut loaf:

Vegan nut loaf:

It’s all gravy
And it really is all good, because yet again, meat-based gravies aren’t the only answer.

The first plant-based gravy I was introduced to was a mushroom one. You can buy mushroom gravy in a can at the grocery store, but it’s pretty simple to make, depending which recipe you choose.

For example, here’s a mushroom gravy recipe:

The other option, if chopping a bunch of mushrooms doesn’t sound fun, is to make vegetable-broth gravy. Here’s a recipe for that:

No, potatoes aren’t meat, but people often prepare mashed potatoes with butter and milk. The easiest way to get around that is by using vegan margarine. Lots of margarines have modified milk ingredients, so it’s best to check, but Becel makes vegan margarine. It even says so, right on the container.

Stuffing or dressing
Finally, there’s stuffing or dressing. I’ve never made stuffing, but when I did a quick search using Google, I learned there’s no shortage of recipes.

Here’s one from Minimalist Baker:

The Minimalist Baker is often a good resource for simple recipes.

Oh, and dessert!

I said finally in the last section. But of course the true finale is dessert. For me, pumpkin pie is essential, but that’s just because I love it.

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