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Middle school presents Jingle Bells and Other Things

LIVERPOOL - South Queens Middle School (SQMS) presented its holiday concert – Jingle Bells and Other Things – in the gymnasium Dec. 6. 
The concert kicked off with the Grade 6 band playing Jingle Bells and Winter Snow. Music teacher and band director Alison Williams said the Grade 6 students had only been playing instruments for nine weeks before the concert.
Following the Grade 6 performance, Kyla Godfrey took the stage to play The Little Drummer Boy, on alto saxophone. Fellow SQMS student Natalie Malcolm welcomed Godrey to the stage.
Caius Danylewich then introduced the Grade 7 band.
“Like Freddie Mercury once said, the Grade 7s at SQMS are pretty cool ‘cause they are. If you think Freddie Mercury actually said that, I don’t know what to say,” said Danylewich. “They’re creative, ambitious and kind of crazy, like my grandfather, please welcome the Grade 7s playing Feliz Navidad and Grandma’s Christmas Toy.”
Chloe Mossman, a trumpet player in the Grade 8 band, introduced Marah Mitton and Maggie Hadskis, who played God Rest Ye Mary Gentlemen.
After the duet, the Grade 8 band played Christmas Rondo and Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12 / 24. Grade 8 alto saxophone player Georgia Williams read a short story to the audience about the latter song.
“This thought-provoking medley of Christmas tunes describes a lone performer playing Christmas carols in the midst of the Bosnian War,” read Williams. 
She explained the piece reflects on the power of music to bring hope. 
Natalie Malcolm followed the Grade 8 band with a flute solo of Let it Snow.
Maggie Hadskis introduced the Grade 7/8 band.
“The band has worked very hard on this piece of music. The Grade 7 band has especially worked hard to play this piece. The Grade 7 band has come a long way from where they were last year. Please enjoy this lovely Christmas piece,” said Hadskis, introducing Cartoon Christmas.
Williams took the stage for an alto saxophone solo afterward.
The evening of music ended with the grades 6, 7 and 8 students reuniting on stage for Christmas Mashup.


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