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Western Head painter prepping for first art show

Chris in the Abstract set to run from Nov. 18-Dec. 2 in Liverpool

Chris Greatrex’s art studio, which is filled with paintings, paintbrushes, paint, books and other art supplies, overlooks Scott Bay.
Today, the waves are crashing against the shore and Greatrex is inside listening to the pounding surf as he prepares for his first art show.
Art is something the Western Head resident has always done. He did it in elementary and high school and continues to practice art as an adult.
His show, Chris in the Abstract, is scheduled to run from Nov. 18 to Dec. 2 at the Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre in Liverpool.
“I spent 14 summers taking week-long workshops and courses at the Haliburton School of the Arts,” said Greatrex.
That was before he moved to Nova Scotia.
When he took up painting about 12 years ago, he felt drawn to abstracts. He said he chose that route because he likes colour.
Playing and working with colour isn’t something Greatrex has only done as an artist. He was once a colour tinter; his job was to develop colours based on specific formulas. Eventually, Greatrex became the supervisor of Colour Lab.  
Now he has the opportunity to play with colour even more.
“With abstract, there’s all sorts of really neat techniques you can do,” Greatrex explained.
Painting escape from a busy life
Greatrex is busy. His days are filled with volunteer initiatives. He’s chair of the Queens County Community Choir board, and he’s on the board for the Mersey Point/Western Head Community Hall. Greatrex is also the volunteer art director at Queens Manor.
Heading down to his studio to paint is an escape from the day-to-day things. And while taking a break from those other things that keep him busy, Greatrex has the view of the bay.
“It makes me happy,” he said.
He doesn’t just see the ocean. Sometimes, Greatrex sees deer, surfers and sailboats, lobster fishers, even whales and seals. Greatrex spends at least two hours a day in his studio, and sometimes, he’ll be in the downstairs space for up to five hours.
Greatrex is excited about his upcoming show. There will be well over 100 pieces of various sizes and prices. In addition to paintings, Greatrex will also have original acrylic abstract note cards for sale.
People can visit the show whenever the Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre is open. Greatrex said if he’s not there, people can also call him at 902-356-2313.


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