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Stop littering in Liverpool: RCMP

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Fines handed out for tossing lottery ticket on ground

QUEENS COUNTY – A Queens County man who tossed his trash on the ground instead of putting it in a trash can is facing a hefty fine.

The 66-year-old man was recently fined for littering from a vehicle on a highway. He was charged after an independent witness saw him throw pull-tab lotto tickets from his vehicle instead of throwing them in the nearest garbage bin.

The witness reported the incident to police and he was ordered to pay a $410 fine.

According to a press release from the Queens District RCMP, pull-tab tickets and fast food waste are the most common forms of roadside litter in the county. Police and the Region of Queens have made a concerted effort in the past year to raise awareness of the problem and persuade motorists to hold onto or dispose of their garbage properly. There have also been highway checkpoints in recent months were disposal information and small vehicle garbage bags were handed out to motorists.

RCMP are reminding people it is an offence to litter in Nova Scotia and the recent fine was part of an effort to keep the roads clean and litter free.

Go online: Queens County has a very generous waste-disposal system, and people can get information about it on the Region’s website at

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