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Queens County teen claims South Shore Idol title, performs with Terri Clarke

Autumn Carver sings a song before Terri Clark’s concert at the South Shore Exhibition in Bridgewater July 29. Clark joins Autumn on stage.
Autumn Carver sings a song before Terri Clark’s concert at the South Shore Exhibition in Bridgewater July 29. Clark joins Autumn on stage.

MIDDLEFIELD, NS - When Canadian country singer Terri Clark joined Autumn Carver on stage, the young singer could not believe it.

“It was all in the moment,” said Autumn.

All Autumn could think was, ‘Oh my God, she’s on stage with me. Don’t mess up.’ So Autumn kept playing, and when she was finished, Clark hugged her and said, ‘Great job, kiddo.’

That wasn’t the first time that evening something exciting had happened for the 14-year-old singer from Middlefield. Moments earlier, the Queens County teen had found out she was the first place winner of the 2017 South Shore Idol.

“Everybody was cheering,” she said.

Autumn’s mother, Jennifer Carver, says her daughter had a big cheering section. Of course, Jennifer was one of Autumn’s biggest supporters.

“I was very proud and very happy,” said Jennifer.

Another part of Autumn’s cheering section included her grandparents and aunts and uncles.

Autumn says there were about 10,000 people in the audience at the main stage. But the number of people in the audience didn’t phase her at all.

“I don’t even know they’re there, really,” she said. “The front section, that’s all I look at.”

When she’s on stage, Autumn tries to make sure her audience is having fun.

“It’s just a rush,” she said about being up there performing.

The competition

The South Shore Idol competition happened at the South Shore Exhibition in Bridgewater between July 25 and 29.

“The first night, we did acapella, where there’s no music, and (the judges) just hear your voice,” explained Autumn.

That night, July 25, there were no eliminations. The following night, contestants were allowed to sing with musical instruments.

“Thursday was eliminations day,” said Autumn. “They score you on your pitch and how you look and your performance and overall how good you are.”

The contestants who made it to finals performed again July 29. Competitors sang two songs, and judges once again assessed pitch, look and overall performance.    

The third place winner got $100, a trophy and ribbon, while the second place winner received $250, a trophy and ribbon. Autumn got $500, a trophy and ribbon, and she will also have the chance to make a CD recording of her featured song.

Autumn Carver, from Middlefield, was the winner of the 2017 South Shore Idol.

Longtime musician

Music isn’t something new to Autumn.

“Forever,” she said when asked how long she’s been doing music. “I didn’t really start performing until I was eight.”

Back then, Autumn began to perform in the Queens County Music Festival, playing piano her first year in the festival. Additionally, Autumn takes voice lessons and sings in the Queens County Girls Choir.

Autumn says her aunt, who plays guitar and mandolin, helps her a lot with guitar .

She’s been singing since she could speak. Though Autumn says she sings many styles of music, her favourite is country.

Kim Umphrey is Autumn’s vocal instructor, and Kristopher Snarby is Autumn’s choir director. Both have helped Autumn get to where she is today with respect to singing.

Down the road

“I want to become a vet if I don’t do anything with my singing,” said Autumn.

She says she would really like to be a singer because it’s so much fun.

“When I was on stage, I wasn’t nervous in front of all those people, and I was having a good time,” she said.

Autumn is set to take the stage again, this time at the Hank Snow Tribute. She is scheduled to perform sometime after 5:45 p.m. Aug. 18.

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